About Me

I have a very busy brain. I'm kind of silly, creative, emotional and just really love life. I get to hang out all day with my crazy kids Lacie, Bonnie & Mitch. Married to my Heathie-babes, who I met at 13. Still very much in love. I live in the suburbs with 2 chooks called Molly & Molly. I love all things crafty and try to give most things a go. My dream is to one day have my own business. Just trying to figure out what. Something crafty...

My creativity comes from my dad Keith Lamb who was the lead singer of a 70's Australian Glam Rock Band called Hush. He also has an embroidery business called Rajmahal and a very exciting conversation card game he created along with his long term friend Louise called TAOC. All very inspirational.

A bit more about me... I'm the kind of person that likes looking at the pictures in a book and not the story. I am a "I need it now, if not yesterday" person. I am very excitable and talkative.. It's a bit fun trying to think of "me" and what "I" like and the kind of person I am. I'm going to add more to this because it was nice for me. Yeah, was nice.