Saturday, June 4, 2011

undie mad!

I have gone undie mad!!! It's an instant hit of creativity when time is not on your side. These little beauties take no time at all (20mins). Best of all my girls (3 & 5 yrs) are LOVING them. As always I'm keeping with my "make the most with what you've got" and everything you see here is from my magic cupboard. All material and elastic and ribbing are from left overs from something else. Pattern is Happy Hipsters page 4 from Ottobre design magazine (winter 6/2010). Little girl sizes below for about 4 yrs old.

not sure if these are a bit toooo nice for little girls??
they are just sooo pretty!

the nice pair

the first pair, the fun pair

the granny pair
What do you think?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sunday, May 22, 2011

baby sleeping bag

My little nephew was my inspiration for a little project I did at 6am this morning! Last night I kissed him good night as he was super snug in his new little sleeping bag.

It has been nearly 1 month to the day that I have had my sewing machine packed away. I think we needed a break from each other!

Keeping to "make the most with what you've got", I experimented making my own pattern, found some fleece scraps of material that I had in my magic cupboard, found a purple zipper(not really long enough, but did the job) and some grey ribbing and made this! Didn't need to buy an extra thing. Not sure if I would put my little boy in this in public, but it's perfect for home. The next one I will make will be with nice co-ordinating colours etc.. Just need to get the pattern right first.

Try making one yourself!

Very basic instructions... really just to show you that YOU can give it a go too.
You could add snap clips over the shoulders or bottom to open, zipper on the side, add arms, extra length etc..
Trace onto paper
get the "ok" from your assistant

Sew in zipper
Sew right sides together
Add ribbing or hem arm & shoulder holes

Saturday, May 21, 2011


It was fun while it lasted! I sure as hell followed my own motto to the bone... "make the most with what you've got". I certainly jammed packed as much as I possibly could in to the time that I had off. It's back to work for me.

Now... it's different.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

nappy bum pj's

This pj pattern would be perfect for a baby/toddler still in nappies. When I found this free pattern link for pj bottoms, I just HAD to make a pair with some left over material I had in the cupboard. I could have bought/picked nicer fabric but I wanted to do a test pair first with what I already had "make the most with you've got". The blog post by From An Igloo put this free pattern together and has done a gorgeous job on hers. You really should check it out.

The mini model in these photos is my Lacie and she's 5 (no nappy), but really loves them.

For some really groovy knit fabrics for these kind of pants/pj's, check out Crafty Mumas online store.

my low low rider trackie-dakz

Could I wish for anything more in life? Tailored to me, super duper comfy, low low rider trackie dakz!!!!! Oh the little joys of life, how I just love them. Shocking photo below, but picture me slightly beside myself late last night when I finished making them and was desperate to take a photo (while all were sleeping). So this is me, late last night, in my room checking myself out. Can you believe this was the best photo I could manage??! Oh well.. I love them.
pleases note: I am sucking in BIG time!

kind of a better photo??
I made this pants pattern a few months ago by tracing a pair of my fav trackies. I would upload the pattern to my blog if I knew how??? Please feel free to leave me some tips if you know how? Anyways, the other pair of pants I made months ago are from kind of paras-chute material (not tooo para-chutie) really light weight and sooo nice to touch. My darling husband dared me to wear them in public! Hello Heathie-babes I'll do better than that, I'll wear them in our Santa Photos! Ha straight back at ya baby.. and so I did. These pants have been known to cop some pyjama comments, but "be confident and hold your head high" I say.. and I love them too. I'll be using the same pattern for some flannelet pyjamas too.
I had to hold my tummy in for this one! It was a few months ago now..
And yes.... I am wearing my super duper comfy low low rider trackie-dakz right now!

Please feel free to leave me a comment if you have some tips on uploading a pattern so I can share with everyone.