Sunday, April 10, 2011

nappy bum pj's

This pj pattern would be perfect for a baby/toddler still in nappies. When I found this free pattern link for pj bottoms, I just HAD to make a pair with some left over material I had in the cupboard. I could have bought/picked nicer fabric but I wanted to do a test pair first with what I already had "make the most with you've got". The blog post by From An Igloo put this free pattern together and has done a gorgeous job on hers. You really should check it out.

The mini model in these photos is my Lacie and she's 5 (no nappy), but really loves them.

For some really groovy knit fabrics for these kind of pants/pj's, check out Crafty Mumas online store.

my low low rider trackie-dakz

Could I wish for anything more in life? Tailored to me, super duper comfy, low low rider trackie dakz!!!!! Oh the little joys of life, how I just love them. Shocking photo below, but picture me slightly beside myself late last night when I finished making them and was desperate to take a photo (while all were sleeping). So this is me, late last night, in my room checking myself out. Can you believe this was the best photo I could manage??! Oh well.. I love them.
pleases note: I am sucking in BIG time!

kind of a better photo??
I made this pants pattern a few months ago by tracing a pair of my fav trackies. I would upload the pattern to my blog if I knew how??? Please feel free to leave me some tips if you know how? Anyways, the other pair of pants I made months ago are from kind of paras-chute material (not tooo para-chutie) really light weight and sooo nice to touch. My darling husband dared me to wear them in public! Hello Heathie-babes I'll do better than that, I'll wear them in our Santa Photos! Ha straight back at ya baby.. and so I did. These pants have been known to cop some pyjama comments, but "be confident and hold your head high" I say.. and I love them too. I'll be using the same pattern for some flannelet pyjamas too.
I had to hold my tummy in for this one! It was a few months ago now..
And yes.... I am wearing my super duper comfy low low rider trackie-dakz right now!

Please feel free to leave me a comment if you have some tips on uploading a pattern so I can share with everyone.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

goodbye blue wall!

I woke up the other morning and decided I was over my blue wall! So I changed it. It's now a soft, warm, relaxing wall. Even I was shocked at myself when I just checked out the past colours of this poor wall.. have a look at the colour it was before it was BLUE here! I actually jumped back from the computer and was a little frightened.. yellow?? ahhhh but the joys of confidently expressing ones self. Below are some pretty average photos of the new wall colour "Grounded" by Taubmans. The colour of course was picked due to the name. It rings sooo clearly in my ears... "SARAH, YOOOUUU'RRE GROOOOOOOUUNNDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" my mother would say. So this colour is for you mummy dearest x

dining room / sewing room / computer room / lounge room
I could have tidied up a bit?? but let's keep it real :)
preparing to paint
that's me in action!

chicken, leek & mushroom pie

Puff Pastry is my latest obsession in the kitchen. I have made this easy delicious Chicken, Leek & Mushroom pie a few times now and the whole family love it! Clean plates every time. Recipe here with a few alterations to what I already had in the cupboard "make the most with what you've got". I used chicken breast, plain milk from the fridge, and puff pastry instead of vol au vents and added mushrooms. All I did was cook the filling up, then got one sheet of puff pastry and piled the filling in the middle, then laid the other puff pastry sheet on top and folded edges up, brushed with some milk then in the oven for about 30-40 mins at 180 degrees approx. Served with salad that we also already had in the fridge. Scrummmoooh!

Friday, April 1, 2011

getting ready for winter

Ottobre Design Magazine is my new favorite thing! It's a kids fashion mag published in Finland and has been around for 10 years. All patterns are included and is value for money due to the amount of different patterns in each addition. I have seen it around before but never took too much notice until I did my little mouse from their website. Due to my need to "have it now" I found a shop called Tessuti in Surry Hills, NSW that stocked the mag ($22 each), so the kids and I went for a little trip to purchase. By the time I paid for parking in the city and the drive in, it would have been just as easy to order in online and be PATIENT!! You can also subscribe to this mag through Crafty Mumas which I will be doing for sure!! Plus they have some really great fabrics etc..

Ok, so keeping to my trackie dack mode (and left over material) I made this little size 0 jumper from the Autumn 4/2010 edition of Ottobre for Mitch. It's super cute and daggy and I love it. Will be doing some more of these with some fun additions to it.

this is what the mag looks like

Oh look, The Remnant Warehouse has their Easter Sale on NOW! 25% off everything (until tomorrow)... Just what I need. So off I was again today with my new mag at hand and still in trackie mode. I bought some supplies to last me the weekend and get my little mans winter dags done. I bought 1m of black, 1m of grey, 1/2m red & 1/2m white and it ONLY COST $17!!!!!!! I'll get at least 5 tops and bottoms for Mitchie with this.. BARGAIN I say. Plus I grabbed some bundles of ribbing that cost me a total of $7.50 for 5! and some other bits and bobs.

I'm off now to put my Spinach Pie in the oven for dinner :)