Sunday, April 10, 2011

my low low rider trackie-dakz

Could I wish for anything more in life? Tailored to me, super duper comfy, low low rider trackie dakz!!!!! Oh the little joys of life, how I just love them. Shocking photo below, but picture me slightly beside myself late last night when I finished making them and was desperate to take a photo (while all were sleeping). So this is me, late last night, in my room checking myself out. Can you believe this was the best photo I could manage??! Oh well.. I love them.
pleases note: I am sucking in BIG time!

kind of a better photo??
I made this pants pattern a few months ago by tracing a pair of my fav trackies. I would upload the pattern to my blog if I knew how??? Please feel free to leave me some tips if you know how? Anyways, the other pair of pants I made months ago are from kind of paras-chute material (not tooo para-chutie) really light weight and sooo nice to touch. My darling husband dared me to wear them in public! Hello Heathie-babes I'll do better than that, I'll wear them in our Santa Photos! Ha straight back at ya baby.. and so I did. These pants have been known to cop some pyjama comments, but "be confident and hold your head high" I say.. and I love them too. I'll be using the same pattern for some flannelet pyjamas too.
I had to hold my tummy in for this one! It was a few months ago now..
And yes.... I am wearing my super duper comfy low low rider trackie-dakz right now!

Please feel free to leave me a comment if you have some tips on uploading a pattern so I can share with everyone.

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