Wednesday, April 6, 2011

goodbye blue wall!

I woke up the other morning and decided I was over my blue wall! So I changed it. It's now a soft, warm, relaxing wall. Even I was shocked at myself when I just checked out the past colours of this poor wall.. have a look at the colour it was before it was BLUE here! I actually jumped back from the computer and was a little frightened.. yellow?? ahhhh but the joys of confidently expressing ones self. Below are some pretty average photos of the new wall colour "Grounded" by Taubmans. The colour of course was picked due to the name. It rings sooo clearly in my ears... "SARAH, YOOOUUU'RRE GROOOOOOOUUNNDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" my mother would say. So this colour is for you mummy dearest x

dining room / sewing room / computer room / lounge room
I could have tidied up a bit?? but let's keep it real :)
preparing to paint
that's me in action!

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