Wednesday, March 30, 2011

a mouse in the house!

A mouse only a mother could love! I made this little guy last night and was up till midnight waiting to meet him. When our eyes finally met, I wondered..... hmmmm, are you a mouse or a koala? Maybe a confused mouse? But there is no confusion that he belongs with us! Imperfections are perfections in my household.

introducing mouse

ahhh.. we love you mouse

meeting the family

I was messing about on the computer yesterday determined to make something. It seems to me that the busier I am with my day to day life, the more determined I am to have a few extra hours "just" for me at the end of that looong day. Even if those few house don't start till after 9.30pm! It's MY time :)

If you have fallen in love with my scary beautiful little mouse / koala animal, I found the free pattern here.

I bought the tweed fabric and felt from my friends at Peg's Pieces who are just the best!

Send mouse some love and leave him a comment here on my blog. I will be sure to pass it on!

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