Monday, December 20, 2010

Baby Girls Pram Blanket

The day started with the excitement of meeting our friends first baby girl born yesterday. Little Mackenzie Paige. Hmmm what can I make her. I am still playing with the idea of making everything out of my new sewing book Sew La Tea Do. So another quick flick through the book before I set out for the day, and I decided and was inspired by page 44... a Fairy Bread Pram Blanket.
  • 1st stop, to our Dr. Kit for him to check out Lacie's tonsils. Ear infection in both ears and antibiotics needed.
  • 2nd stop, to my favorite crafty shop Peg's Pieces in Kirrawee. Love it, love it, love it. Always have something new to look at and always walk out with the project list growing and growing. Not to mention the lovely ladies Bernadette and Kristy. Below is today's purchases for the Pram Blanket.
  •  3rd stop, to the bakery to get a doughnut for the girls for being sooo good at Peg's Pieces.
  • 4th stop, the chemist for antibiotics.
  • 5th stop, home for lunch, feed Mitch, put Mitch to bed, set up craft table with Beado's for the girls and get cracking on pram blanket cause I have 2 hours before we have to leave to get Santa photos and deliver the present I haven't made yet to little Mackenzie Paige. And the result is... (my version for Jo)
  • All wrapped up ready to go! Also made a cute name tag as I rushed out the door. I am really happy with it.
  • 6th stop, back in the car for Santa Photos. Done!
  • 7th stop, the hospital to meet the tiny bubba and give Jo my version of Sew La Tea Do's Fair Bread Pram Blanket. She loved it!! Wooooo hoooo...
  • 8th and final stop for today, home sweet home. We all played Toy Story 3 BINGO then the kids were off to bed. Ahhhhhh... Mummies time now. Right now actually, on my new "thing" my blog, with a hot cup of tea and some left over chocolate dipped strawberries from yesterday. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?
Feel free to leave me a comment, cause it kind of feels like a present to get one x


  1. LOVE Peg's Pieces, I'm there all the time! The blanket looks beautiful, especially the flower.

  2. Sarah i am hooked! You are so amazing! Ive just copied down some of the sewing books you have suggested and cant wait to buy them! Thanks so much! Im so sorry to hear about your mamma. x