Sunday, December 26, 2010

Crocheting & Xmas Day

Xmas was different this year. It was like we went through the motions just to get through the day. I just wanted our Mumma to walk through the door with her beautiful new cozy on  that she would have bought herself for Xmas, champagne in one hand and a jatz biscuit with cheese in the other. But that didn't happen. Pa still sat in front of the Xmas tree and the three youngest great grandchildren were Pa's little Elf helpers and handed out the mountains of presents to everyone. My Aunty Shell carried on the tradition of Mumma's Xmas Pudding and I did the seasoning. It rained all day in sunny Queensland but it didn't stop us all from swimming in the pool as we do every year.

My favorite photo from Xmas day - Mumma's Xmas Pudding
My gorgeous cousin Ricky on Xmas day
My mum is an obsessive compulsive crocheter!! Can not sit anywhere with out a ball of wool and a crochet needle in hand. It was to my surprise that this year she didn't make a granny square blanket for my little Mitchie, but a knitted one!! And I love it!! She steerred away from her traditional whites and baby pinks, yellows and blues. And made me this....

These colours are exactly how I have been feeling! I love it..
Due to me having withdrawals from my sewing machine, I decided that I needed my mum to teach me on Xmas day how to crochet. Yes I said it out load, how to crochet.... I took a ball of wool and crochet hook thingie back to our holiday apartment last night and I crocheted till I fell asleep in the chair. I think I can do it.

It's boxing day today and rain rain rain.. We took the kids to an indoor play thing and went back to pa's for a swim. In the rain. The weather wont beat us. It was actually perfect for some more lessons with my mum on granny squares and watching her pull the whole square apart and telling me start again cause I did one stitch wrong. I guess it's one way to learn. After taking some notes and videoing mums tutorial on "how to crochet granny squares", I can officially do it. My big girl Lacie (4yrs), was determined to make something out of Nanna's wool, so mum taught her how to do finger knitting!!!! Lacie LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has made herself 2 x necklaces already this afternoon. Great craft for the kids for sure.

Finger knitting getting advanced with different colours!!
The cleaver girl with her finger knitted necklace
 I would love to find some really great craft shops on the Gold Coast but I don't know of any. I tried a shop called Patchwork Dreaming and they are closed the whole time we are here. She didn't know of any other crafty shops on the Coast.. :( Can anyone help me?

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