Saturday, December 25, 2010

It Took My Breath Away

Today I watched my Pa do his famous hankie rabbit trick to my girls and he showed off his Donald duck voice as he did to me as a child. As tears silently fell from his eyes, he talked about our beautiful Mumma who passed away only 2 months ago. He told stories to me of how they met, how long it took till he asked her to marry him and how he thought he was too impatient with her in her final months. They were married some 60 years. She was our Mumma and we were her darlings. Mumma was the matriarch of our family and it will never be the same so she has gone. Tomorrow will be a sad Xmas for us.

In February this year, Mumma gave me her amazing scissors and pinking shears from when she was young and some of her original patterns. She also told me that her beautiful antique sewing draw was to be mine. I didn't take much notice of the sewing draw as I didn't really want to acknowledge that it would be mine anytime soon. I wanted to think that I would see it many more times as hers. Today I opened it. And this is what I saw.


It took my breath away.

It's now late on Xmas eve and I'm sitting here talking to my hilariously, emotionally, outrageously, twisted, disfunctional favorite cousin Kristee-Belle about the amount of tears she cried over Madge dying in Neighbours when she was about 12. Ahhhh.. the things you can only talk to your family about. She will publish her "crazy" book one day. 

Oh look, Santa has been while I've been blogging away. He has eaten his cookies, drank his milk, delivered some presents and left a letter for the kids.
Good night x

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