Sunday, December 19, 2010

Early Xmas Presents Today

I haven't been given a present for ages! Today I got loads, it was sooo fun. The day started off with some new blue plates from my Kymmie, then the inlaws surprised me with a Delicious Diary for 2011, a cute fury pen, an awesome white vase and a new sewing book!!!! Woo hoooo.. "Sew La Tea Do" by Pip Lincoln, Meet me at Mikes. Due to my new blog, I thought of the movie Julie and Julia.... Maybe "I" could sew everything in this book and update it on my blog as something a bit fun to do??? We'll see. So, more presents. A scrummy cook book called Chocolate Galore (with 2 blocks of cooking chocolate) mmmmm from my brother inlaw and his girlfriend. Last but not least a very cute pot with stacks of seeds for my garden and a pair of gardening gloves for me and the girls.

After a traditional Xmas dinner that was cooked on the BBQ by husband Heathie, cleaning up was done, kids passed out on the lounge, I was then able to sit and hand sew a crocheted flower on a little top for my friends daughter, check out some other crafty blogs and update mine. Wanted to add a few photos but my memory on my compute is maxed out and it's getting a bit late. Plus I want to have another quick flick through "Sew La Tea Do" before my head hits the pillow.

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