Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mummies Day Off

Thursday night, Lacie (4) and Bonnie (3) agreed to pack their own sleepover bag (just so happens to be a bag I made them) to spend the night with their Mumma and Pappa. I needed a break! We drove them over and said "Surprise Mumma and Pappa, the kids are all yours!" And as always Mumma came up with a great idea to take them on the train into the city and look at the Xmas Windows and Xmas Tree.

This was one of my first attempts at making a bag and reading/following a pattern. Melly and Me's Sleepover Bag. It took me a few weeks and loads of concentration. A great challenge! Perfect size for both the girls.

So I was off out and about, just Mitch (6 months) and I for the whole day yesterday. Finished off Xmas shopping and swung by one of my favorite local craft shops, Jules Craft Shop in Loftus. Ended up buying Lacie a beautiful cup cake covered sewing box. A special one she can keep for ever. Also couldn't help myself and had to get a little something for me. Some cute tiny hand crocheted flowers (by a gorgeous little Asian grandma somewhere in China I imagine).

After doing some jobs, I just had to make something a bit xmasy.

My Aunty Nettie emails me all different crafty blogs to check out, and I really liked this one instantly Jolly Allsorts and her Peppermint Candy Star tutorial. I didn't need to buy a thing as I had felt, thread, ribbon and button all in my craft cupboard.


  1. Looks great Sarah!! You are so talented

    Kristy, xx

  2. fantastic Sarah, love the wallpaper! You will love blogging - its so much fun :)