Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Miss Adorable Frock

Started the kids day off with our traditional breakfast of freshly squeezed apple and carrot juice with home made crapes with lemon (from our tree) and sugar (raw is the best on pancakes / crepes). I always make enough to have for dessert as well! Mmmmm. Recipe on my blog in "Let's Cook".

Bonnie had her first hair cut today, and as my Pa did for me, I kept her locks. Did some jobs at the shops, then home for some HOOLA HOOP fun!! The girls and I had a ball. We laughed sooo much at each other. It's a real work out. And that's my Lacie in action today.

Sewing... Well I didn't go fabric shopping today, but was in need of making something. So I flicked through my new Sew La Tea Do book once again and decided I could scrounge around enough material for the Miss Adorable Frock page 16. I have had the little sheep material (about 60cm) for months now and had some purple polka dots scraps, just enough for the facing & pocket. My little Miss Adorable Bonnie is wearing her new frock and thinks its really fun. She picked the pocket.That means she will wear it. Actually she wore it to bed, so that's a good sign. So no chance of some nicer photos of the frock!! Very very easy to make.

Oh and I made this Xmas garland the other week. Just to chrissy the place up a bit.

One last thing on Xmas for tonight, is that I found some great "FREE" downloadable Xmas Gift Tags at Going Home to Roost.

Good night x


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  2. Hey Sarah, it's Jos, I LOVE your new blog and looked at it after gushing over the blanket you made for little Mackenzie P. I have already been down to Pegs Pieces and bought some material to make a blanket for my friend who is due in January. Thanks for the inspiration!! Hope to see you guys before we go back xx Am ordering the scandinavian stitching book for when I go back too! BJ thinks I have gone mad! xx

  3. Hey Jos! So excited you checked out my new blog!! Even more excited that I gave you some inspiration to sew!!! Totally great. Thanks for the kind words. We must catch up before you go so we can talk "making stuff". Sarah x