Monday, December 27, 2010

Rainy Days....

Dear Rain,
Thanks. but no thanks!!
What to do with 3 kiddies on holidays with rain rain rain??? So it was off to Ferry Road Markets to get some antipasto yummies for a special rainy day lunch to take to Pa's house. Lacie requested strawberries and Bonnie requested olives, onions and humus.

While we sat out the back of Pa's house eating lunch ,we watched Lacie swim in the absolute pouring rain. She had a ball. Then my cousin and I went off to Spot Light to get some supplies for a "let's make something" afternoon in doors. A few balls of wool, a crochet hook and some big beads for the girls to make a necklace.. Then had a little shopping spree while I was child free. 3 dresses, and pair of shoes and some ear rings.. It was sooo fun.

Lacie (4yrs) has decided to do her own tutorial on Finger Knitting. She is a machine at it!!! She has been using really fat wool and it grows soooooooo fast. Really rewarding for her. You have to get your kids to try it.

I have a feeling that Lacie may be popping up every now and then with her own tutorials. So watch this space!

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