Friday, December 17, 2010


Once I was pretty confident with my sewing skills for little girls clothes, I borrowed some books from my Aunty Nettie (you'll hear a lot about her, she's a very cleaver full time crafter) and was excited to give stuffed toys a go. I did these little guys months ago now. All from scrap material I had from other sewing projects. I love that every bit of material you see has a personal memory to me. The quirky cow head and horns was from a pair of booties I made, the cows body was from a dress I made Bonnie (she had picked the material herself) etc, etc...

The Forest Owl was from Sewing Bits & Pieces by Sandi Henderson and I think the cow was from Meet Me at Mikes first book.

I love the guy on the right. He was suppose to be a wheat bag, but due to my "I need to do things now" approach to life, he ended up just being stuffed.

Once I start making a new little friend I feel obligated to meet them, so once I start I don't stop. I have a few more guys for you to meet.

I just want to eat this tiny guy. My beautiful Aunty Nettie bought me this adorable Toot Owl Sock Pattern from the Quilt Show this year. I have made loads.

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