Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It Runs In The Family

Oh no..HELP!!! I did a "Jan" thing last night!! (Jan is my mum) It was late at night, kids asleep, Heath was laying on the floor watching the tv and I turned the lamp on and sat in the corner of the lounge with crochet hook in one hand and a ball of wool in the other and started to crochet. All Heath said was "have a go at ya!"
 Oh dear.. oh dear. I just couldn't help myself, I just had to crochet a cool pot holder, cause of course we all need a pot holder don't we?? So I kept crocheting till it was finished. Like I need a pot holder on holidays. And there's my little pot holder on the left. A few holes but an ok job. And next to it another granny square... practice makes perfect!

Today started with a lesson with my girls learning my mobile number over pancakes and maple syrup with Kristee-Belle, then a trip to the local shopping centre Pacific Fair to buy Lacie some more wool for her finger knitting. She has totally gone mad over it! She hasn't stopped. I had to even take scissors and the balls of wool in my bag so she could knit in the car...
Lacie can't put her knitting down!
For the first day since we have been on holidays the rain had actually held off... just.. so after buying my first frankie magazine we jumped into the car to head down to Burleigh Heads to check out some cool shops in James Street. Raggedy Anne had some cute little things (as promoted in frankie mag) and I bought myself a big red rose ring. Some great other trendy shops and groovy cafes. We think we might even head back there tomorrow for a coffee and another look. I recommend you check out Jamees St at Burleigh for sure if you're on the Gold Coast.

Tonight we had a beautiful dinner at my brothers that my sister-in-law cooked, the cousins had a play together and we reminisced about family and growing up as we always do.

So I have decided that we have probably done more that what we would have done if it was sunny. So hooray to us for not giving up.

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