Saturday, January 1, 2011

my amazing 2010

  1. gave birth to my beautiful son Mitch
  2. had the opportunity to hold my Mamma's hand and tell her how much she meant to me only a few days before she passed away
  3. gave the speech of my life as I stood very proud in front of my family and spoke of my Mumma at her funeral service
  4. painted my lounge room wall yellow (when I was 8 months pregnant)
  5. had a ride on a carousel
  6. bought an over locker
  7. Mumma gave me her sewing scissors
  8. eating fresh eggs from our chickens
  9. made a quilt
  10. learnt how to crochet on Xmas day
  11. cooked Mumma's seasoning/stuffing on Xmas day
  12. fell in love with sewing books
  13. woke up one morning and ran 11kms
  14. had a market stall
  15. started a blog
  16. called 000 for an ambulance for Bonnie
  17. bought a 7 seater car for the growing family
  18. fell in love with coriander
  19. made a lot of bags
  20. won a grand final
  21. fell in love with lemon, lime & bitters
  22. dried herbs from our veggie patch
  23. became an Aunty 2 more times
  24. ended the year singing into an areoguard can with friends

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