Tuesday, March 1, 2011

all-in-one jumpsuit

I was majorly determined to have some "Sarah time" last night when all were sleeping. This meant a very late night. But worth it to unwind.

I bought this Jack & Jill All-in-One Romper pattern via email ages ago. It is only US$5!!!!!!!! I really wanted to make Mitch something other than little shorts and also wanted to check out how an email pattern thingie worked. Once you purchase it online, Benita from Bettsy Kingston emails it to you and you print it off! How easy it that. There are a few different versions for US and AU printing options, so make sure you let her know you need the AU A4 version (if in Australia). Once I stuck the pages together, the perfect little pattern was laying there waiting for me to get cracking. My friend Lisa gave me a tip to use light weight interfacing to trace patterns if you think you might use them again and again. It is sooo much easier that using tracing paper! Light weight interfacing is less then $2 per metre. Cheap as and worth it.. Anyways.. Hmmmm what material to use. Making the most of what I have, I used some stretch knit by Patty Young that I was going to make some tights out of for the girls, but thought it would be perfect for Mitch cause it is soft and bright and fun. Here it is below. Lighting pretty bad as it was about midnight!

Lucky for me Mitch woke up as soon as my head hit the pillow (weee hours of this morning) and I decided that he really really needed to put on his new jumpsuit! Woo hoo, so yes truly for real.. lucky for me. I was sooo excited it looked sooo good and it fit him too! Back to the pillow and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz for me.

This is Mitch when he woke up in the cot this morning. I couldn't wait to see him up and about his his new outfit. Sooooooooooooooo cute. Oh how I love this little man. Totally cutest ever.

please tell me this is cute!!

I will definitely check out the Bettsy Kingston site again to get more e-patterns. Oh and she also has a great blog with great tutorials. Her latest one is some too cute Baby Ballet Slippers.


  1. It looks amazing, you've done brilliant job. I'm tending to make these little jumpsuits often for my little girl and this material is PERFECT!

  2. Fantastic pattern Sarah (and Mitch does look adorable), I just went and bought it from BettyKingston myself! Love that I can use quilting cotton on them as I have quite a few 1 metre pieces that would be perfect for these.

    PS. Don't you love the interfacing! Just got back from Peg's this morning with another 5 metres of it, bargin $1.50 a metre and I find the width is better than tracing paper too.