Saturday, March 5, 2011

washing machine top cover

Don't worry I know.. it's official... I am a dork! A washing machine cover?? I have also asked myself the same questions. What on earth am I thinking? But apperently I needed one. So I thought anyway. I was actually cleanig the laundry which is a first for me.. and I was sick and tired of the lint catching, washing powder grabbing top thingie. So I decided that I needed something that I could just wipe clean. Ah ha.. ta dahh..

And yes of course I had this material and plastic in my cupboard already!! I had made a bag out of it months ago and loved it sooo much I bought a few metres. Isn't it groooovy!

You could actually use this for more than just a washing machine top cover.. what about a messy mat for the kids play dough / painting / cooking or under a high chair etc etc..

It was very easy so I thought I'd share how I made it:

You will need to measure your washing machine top or figure out how big you want your messy mat. Below are my measurements.

24'' x 22" piece of clear plastic (table cloth plastic from Spot Light)
24'' x 22" piece of top material
24'' x 22" piece of bottom material (I didn't use any bottom material, but not a bad idea to use it)
2.5" strips for the binding
some bull clips to hold plastic and material together
scissors & sewing machine etc

  • Once you have cut everything to size, lay plastic down on table then lay the wrong side up of top material (if you are going to have a backing lay this on top right side facing up).
  • Arrange the bullclips so that it stays together.
  • Halve your long 2.5" strips length ways wrong sides facing and match raw edges to start your binding.
  • You might want to google how to do the binding of corners if you havent done it before. This is what the back looks like once you are half way with the binding.
  • Once you have sewn all the way around, now it is time to turn th binding over to the front of the mat and sew it together. As in below picture. 
  •  Your done!

It's DVD date night with hubby so I will catch ya later :)

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  1. OMG I can't believe you cleaned your laundry!!
    It's looks fabulous! I just love it and you!!
    I want one.
    love from your mother in-law