Thursday, March 10, 2011

my own skirt design!

10pm last night all was quiet. Just me and a family block of Kit Kat. I had had a pretty busy mum & wife day. It was time for me to relaaax... So that meant sitting and looking in my magic cupboard for something to make! As the butterflies jumped around in my stomach with the idea of making something. I decided to "wing it" and make something for me, free hand. No pattern. Hmmm I thought.. let's see. Perhaps a skirt? Can't go tooo wrong here??!?

I used up the left over fabric from the dress I made for work the other day and whipped up a kind of A Line skirt that has a double sided waist band that's thick and stretchy enough not to need a zipper or additional elastic. Need to tuck in the mummy tummy as much as possible. (Oh yeah, the fabric is called Ponte De Roma..)I like it a little "harry high" just over my belly button. I tried it on last night with a little black top to see if I could get away with wearing it to work??? I think I'm happy with it. Actually it's awesome to wear!! Sooooooooo comfy. And I'm a bit proud. Bad photos but it was nearly mid night. 

I still need to do something with the length as it's a bit tooooo long.. I was thinking of gathering up just one side and making it a little more fun, but still work like.... I was just a little excited to share my new creation.

Soooo, because I thought I was a legend last night (in an overtired delirious sense) I headed over to Pitt Trading with a friend today and bought some more material to make some more "work" clothes.

I also bought myself a little pink flower today for a pot that my sister-in-law bought me at xmas. It's now sitting on our little wooded table on the porch. I can see it right now. Hello there flower!

Is anyone interested in the pattern??

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  1. Gorgeous new skirt!

    PS. You should turn on your email address so I can reply to when you leave me all those lovely comments!