Tuesday, March 15, 2011

i sang

I sang today. I sang very loud. Bon and I gave each other a concert and we sang and we sang.. Rip your heart out ones.. A bit of Barbra Streisand's "Memory" (for you Mumma) and "When I was walking in Memphis" and "Someone like you" by Adele. Bon thought I sounded great! If you sing directly in to the speakers it's pretty loud for one thing, and you blend in a bit and sound like your singing with the singer! It also probably looks a bit funny too.. My microphone was an over sized basting brush and Bons was a spatchelor.

I'm pretending to prepare for a fun family concert that we are having in May for a farewell to my Brother-in-law and his girlfriend. It's compulsory for each family member to sing one song!! We can't wait... the girls will be singing Baby Baby Baby ohhhh and Heath is thinking Jon Stevens "Take Me Back". Heath and I just had a quick conversation right that second as said that we are already nervous and embarrassed, but we will sing!

Music in my brain HAD to continue tonight as I have loads going on and music takes me away to Sarah land. I also HAD to get rid of some way over loaded energy, so I ran to the gym once the kids were sorted and pumped music in to my head. I escaped for an hour and it felt fantastic. After a run and a bike ride I laid on the floor flat on my back, by myself, closed my eyes and stayed there for a few more songs. I'm home now.

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