Tuesday, March 1, 2011

dear diary...

This blog thing is kind of like therapy on ones hectic life. So here I go..

Last Thursday night I got a phone call from my husband to tell me I had to take him to emergency cause he snapped his Achilles tendon playing footy with his mates! The poor thing was in agony to say the least. I packed the kids in the car and off we went... well kind of.. after Mitch somehow poohed out the side of his nappy on to the wall, I somehow lost he keys in the car and had to run around mad searching for the spare set (mind you, this is while Heath is turning green with pain and about to pass out), when we were finally on our way I had a huntsman spider (I thought it was a trianchela, but my husband corrected me) as big as my hand sit on the other side of the windscreen and stare me out the whole way... we arrived. Long story short, he had operation the next morning and in a cast for 6-12 weeks! So for me, in short, I now have 4 babies to look after..

My patient has been very good (so far). I get text messages and emails from him from the bedroom if he needs anything.. After bacon & eggs on Sunday I got the kids out of the house and took them to the movies to see Gnomeo & Juliette. We loved it! Yesterday I did some cooking. Heath is a mad raspberry fan, so I found a recipe for White Choc Chip & Raspberry muffins from Julie Goodwins cook book and whipped some up for the patient. They were scrummo!

My kids went a little nuts over my sister-in-laws humus the other day so I made a big batch for them as well. I tried a little too hard on presentation for this picture! ha ha.. that's paprika and a bit of olive oil drizzled on top.. Little Bon is getting into some right now with some carrot and biscuits. If you can smell garlic?? Well, that's coming from my house..

I go back to working 3 days a week in April so I need to get some child care sorted pretty quickly, so in between cooking, nursing and stuff, I drove around my suburb checking out child care... How disappointing. Out of the 70 million I looked I would only leave my children at 2 of them. I need to reassess my situation.

You may hear a little less from me over the next few weeks, or possibly may get swamped with dear diary stuff.. ??

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