Tuesday, March 22, 2011

custom made seat belt covers

I've said it before.. you either love leopard print or you hate it! It's in your genes. My mum loves it, I'm a fan, so naturally Lacie should love it??!? My baby turned 5, so the perfect gift of course was custom made leopard print seat belt covers.. I made these for her last week and couldn't wait to give them to her. She told her Grandma that these were her favorite present of all! Wooo hoooo. I told you it was in the genes :)

I also made her this little card and sewed on the little garland flags of material. It was a poor effort on my behalf as I "was" going to make real life size ones for her birthday but just ran out of time! Maybe next year? 


I had to pick her cake for this year as she wanted a surprise cake. I bet she didn't predict a dinosaur cake?!? This was the easiest one for me to do, as again time hasn't been on my side over the past few weeks.

The Women's Weekly kid's birthday cakes
"huff & puff" page 42

I feel soo guilty that I didn't make more of a effort with the hand and home made little things for her birthday. Maybe next year! Happy Birthday Lace x

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