Sunday, March 6, 2011

crafting kids non stop!

"Make" must have been in the air yesterday, cause I had three good friends (not including my 2 girls) call me to discuss their creative ideas for that afternoon! I loved it... creativity is contagious! One friend took herself to a fabric shop I frequent to pick up some material to make a pram blanket for her new nephew. By the way, this friend has only had one sewing lesson (with me of course) and whipped it up all by herself! What a legend.. My other friend popped over with some beautiful fabric at hand and borrowed some sewing books for some inspiration. I can't wait to see what she came up with (she just bought herself an over locker, so looook out!). My other friend was needing me to justify her buying a new sewing machine. She has a gorgeous 9 week old baby girl and wants to make frilly pretty things. My response was that I have the cheapest sewing machine on the market!!! Seriously! It cost me about $179.. It hasn't skipped a beat yet. AND sewing is a skill for life. And plus... the $30 she spend on a little laced up frilly singlet and bottoms would cost her about $10 to make. Hey, so she'd be saving money!

Ok, back to my crafty kids. After sport activities yesterday morning the showers came down. So inside activities for all! Fairy Led Lights for the girls and some caramelised red onion jam for me to make.


And at about 7am this morning, this is what the girls whipped up. It was kind of fun actually. It's this thing called Magic Fabric. No glue or sticky stuff. Just peel fabric stickers off and put together then roll and their stuck!

You'd think that would have been a big enough "make" hit for the girls this morning??? But no... not for Lace. She stole some newspaper from her daddy and found a page with some school kids and some string and made herself a newspaper school mask?? Bon was the photographer and this is what Lacie made as well this morning... She looks a bit scary!

After a busy morning of craft (and it's only 9am!) the girls have had their cup of tea and wheat bix and are running around mad! What have I created??!! I secretly love it :)

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