Thursday, March 3, 2011

creative monsters

I have created "creative monsters".. My fault 100%! Not one day or night goes by where the kids don't express themselves artistically. From drawing green crayon on the walls "because it looks better that way" (so I was told) or getting dressed in odd shoes and socks for the day, painting their beautiful dolls faces with my nail polish, sewing buttons onto socks, cutting every piece of felt I own into sticky taped masterpieces, cutting and cutting what ever can be cut, drawing their little people on cards, sewing together bits of material.... and last night making beaded bangles! Of course they are?! That's what happens when you have a whole fishing tackle box full of everything you need to go crazy with beads and bits and pieces you need to make what ever you want!! It has been waiting for them under my bed for ever.. until now. They didn't even take the time to get it out into the lounge room, they just HAD to start right there and then, right next to my bed!

impatient little people

finally onto the craft table, i mean dining room table

my new priceless jewelry
and well deserved glass of wine!

Lacie wanted to capture her new bangle with some action model shots! She was the photographer and I was the model. This was the best that we could come up with!

me the model

I wonder what tonight will bring?

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