Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Can You Believe it??

I don't know how to break the news to you all..... well.... I have run out of supplies! Can you believe it?? My current project is on hold due to a top up needed of my craft cupboard. Yes I said it out load, something is on hold. I'm looking at it right now, just sitting there waiting for me! That doesn't really work for me, but it's happened. I was all geared up for a late one tonight as we are staying up to get updates on the scary cyclone that is due about midnight in Queensland. Very scary! Bon and I did a servo run (which means doing a dash to the local shop / petrol station (we call a petrol station a servo) for chocolates, sweets, and what ever we felt like) so we could be charged for a late one (late for Heath and I, not the kids). By my forecast, I believe I will have this current little scrappy project done and dusted by, hmmmmm,,,, tomorrow! Probably about 1 hour after I skip on over to my fav fabric shop Peg's for supplies. Accompanied by little Mitch and the Bon. Lacie, well please keep reading for where she will be tomorrow..

Houston, we have a problem... My big girl who has just about worn out her new school shoes over the past few weeks has only just decided that she no longer would like to go to school! No seriously, I mean, she really really doesn't want to go! She washed her hair in the shower tonight so it was all sparkling, Heath had a daddy moment and brushed it before she went to bed (like in the movies), once her head hit the pillow the waterworks started.... Can you believe it?? oh dear. 1st day of school tomorrow is going to be interesting!

our last milkshake together
before becoming a school girl

Ok, so other than the scrappy project that I have been working on for the past few days, I was wanting to try my hand at using art silk for embroidering something. I am still in love with the girls little drawings of people, so I thought I would copy them best I could and embroide it?? Not sure what I am going to do with this, but thought I'd show you anyway... Oh and I am just about finished a tutorial on using Art Silk and how to prepare it before you use it. I needed instructions from my dad cause I kept on getting the threads all tangled..

Lacie's design

I should have a few things to show off over the next few days.. so keep tuned. Maybe "follow" my blog so you don't miss out on a thing. "Follow me" link is on the left of this page.

To close off for the night, our thoughts are with all the people in Northern Queensland who are a few hours off being hit by a category 5 cyclone.


  1. Good luck with Lacie going to school Sarah, I hope she changes her mind and decides to go!

  2. I dread this for next year with my little one. How did she go? xx