Tuesday, February 15, 2011

my fabric canvas art

My bedroom wall has been a big empty space for nearly 2 years now! I just couldn't commit to a colour or design or piece of art work... The requirements were - not to be too feminine and not like any traditional patchwork fabric design, modern with a warm feeling and a pinch of romance etc etc.. Easy hey! Not. In my travels last week I found some french inspired fabric and have been thinking about it ever since. So I headed back to Pitt Trading today and ended up with this print that kind of sort of ticked all of our boxes. I'm happy. I keep walking past my room and glancing back, then walking in and out and in and out again... I read the girls their books in our bed tonight just so I could keep looking at my new space!

still need to be hung on the wall

Some quick easy steps to make your own.
  • Buy your canvas/s first (then you can work out exactly how much material you will need)
  • Find your fabric
  • Load you staple gun (I bought mine for about $22 from a crafty gift shop)
the girls got to my canvas before i did
  •  Lay your fabric on the floor or table and place canvas on top, make sure it's laid out the right way and figure out which way your canvas will be hung etc..
  • Cut around the canvas leaving about a 2.5" allowance for the folding over to the back, see below
  • Iron your piece/s
  • Fold over bottom edge and staple in the middle, see below
  • Do the same for the top and then both sides making sure that fabric tension is ok
  • Staple again about 5" either sides of your first staple
  • Corners should be folded like hospital bed sheet corners?? or how ever you want, then staple in place
  • Check if you need any more staples

Then your done!

Overall Cost
2 x (60cm x 75cm) canvas $30
1 metre of fabric $15
Stapler $22

Have you got some empty space?

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  1. omg thats beautiful, you think of anything and everything! cant wait for the next chapter lol love aunty maz