Friday, February 4, 2011

finally, my scrappy quilt mat..

Well, I'm not use to having to wait for days (3 days) to see my projects come to life!! But, finally I can move on to the next thing now that I have finished by Scrappy Quilt Mat. Mitch has been sitting on some of my other quilts I have made and the backs of them are just plain cotton and getting a bit dirty. So, due to my obsession on my scraps at the moment, why not use them up and make a play mat?? So, that's just what I did. Keeping to the "make the most with what you've got" I used up stacks of my scraps for the top of my mat, but I did have to go to the fabric shop to get some wadding and some heavier backing for the mat cause it will be going on the grass and dirty floors etc... And here it is. A bit girly, but oh well.. I love it! I know what each individual little piece of material is from.. It's like my own story and history of sewing in this mat.

If you want to see my tutorial on how I did this, please please please let me know and leave me a comment on my blog!! I have just about finished the tutorial, but wanted to get your feedback if it is something that would help?? I hope some of you are interested cause I'm loving doing them....

We'll be spending the rest of the night out the backyard as we have Heaths family coming over for a BBQ. Beautiful night for it. The kids are already out the back. Lacie is practicing hula-hooping with two hula-hoops, Mitch is sitting playing on his "new" mat I just finished, and Bon is digging in the garden looking for worms. And I might just sit and watch them do it....

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  1. ooooo I love this Sarah. I would love to see this tutorial. Id love to see one for everything you make :) Hope miss Lacie is feeling better and will be right for school on Monday