Thursday, February 24, 2011

some shorts & some dinner

I headed over to The Remnant Warehouse the other day with a good friend and we both walked out with exactly the same things! How could we pass up a metre of stretch denim for $4!! We also got some other heavy material for the boys in our lives that was also only $4 per metre too. My girls live in shorts and tights and have been looking for a little pair of denim shorts for ages. So, I made some! I used a elasticated pants pattern from Making Children's Clothes sewing book and made a few alterations for a better fit. I'm not one for frilling things up too much, but I found these crochet hearts from Peg's Pieces yesterday and thought they'd look a bit cute on the back of the shorts. The hearts were about $4-5 each, so the total cost for these little shorts were only about $10 each! Bargain I say. Well that was what I told my husband over dinner last night, justifying my fabric purchases "for the family"!!! I also added to him that without the crochet hearts the shorts only cost $2!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and I also have enough denim left for at least another 2 pairs.. That makes it only $1 a pair! So, here they are. The girls love them!

This is the other $4 a metre material in a heavy brown that I also made yesterday. While I was checking out the crochet hearts I found and liked this trim to make the shorts a bit more girly. I have just about finished Lacie's pair but I was 5cm short of the trim and need to get some more! Tip: Measure how much you need and don't guess..

And these are for little Mitchie. I made my own pattern for these shorts as I don't have any patterns in his size (00). I am still thinking of adding a pocket or a patch somewhere but just not sure yet.

After another day of fabric shopping, I needed to prepare an easy dinner for my gang. It was deeeelish!! As simple as steak, baked potato and beans... but the deeelish part was the butter mix I made from a mag I was flicking through.

100g of softened butter
1-2 crushed garlic cloves
1 long red chilli seeded and chopped
1 tbsp of lime zest

Mix together and put in glad wrap and roll into a log. Put it back in the fridge and when meat is cooked to your liking and is on your plate, cut a few slices of this butter mix and put it on your steak. Mmmmmmmm! Too easy. I have stacks left over, but it is sure not to go to waist. A slice in my mash, or on chicken or on broccoli or anything..

For the next week I am doing a clean out of my freezer, fridge and cupboard, so it will be total miss match dinners until I'm ready to re-stock again. I'm actually doing a clean out of my wardrobe as well. I have 2 bags ready for the raggy bin already. So look out kids toys!

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