Monday, February 14, 2011

library bag & school books done!

Last night was my deadline that I gave myself to have finished Lacie's Library Bag and to have covered her kindy scrap books with contact. It was a late one, but I'm done!

The girls and I all wore our little Valentine Heart Pins today and Lacie has one in her pocket for her teacher. She also took her paper hearts that she made the other night too to hang in the class room.

So, keeping with the "make the most with what you've got" Lacie's Library bag is from all scraps in my cupboard. We didn't buy one extra thing. We were excited to use the little girl that I embroided the other week from one of Lacie's drawings!! Here it is...

It's fully lined with the same material as the straps. The back is a heavier material that I just quilted across in a few rows. We love it.

On a separate and random note... I am listening to some music that I downloaded a few days ago (Adele - Album called 21 and the killer song is Someone Like You) and a beautiful bamboo musk candle burning from Aunty Maz, and oh my goodness me.. music just kills me! I'm one emotional little thing. It sometimes actually hurts to listen to music but it's an addictive feeling that I just want more of and loader the better. It's just baby and I today, and he is asleep. I need crazy kids running around and a sewing machine going or dinner to cook or gas bagging with friends cause when it's just me, I think too much! I am banging on a bit sorry.. Thanks for listening. Oh look, baby just woke up! Back to planet mum. Planet Sarah is nice to go to just sometimes.

Righty-oh, cover books, done! My first attempt with bright contact totally failed as it was the wrinkliest thing I have ever seen and could not let Lace take it to school looking like that... So, hmmmm what do I have in my cupboard?? Some brown paper roll, some clear contact (surprise surprise) and some old drawings that Lacie had done that I had kept cause I fell in love with them. I needed my husband to help me put the clear contact on cause that was too much for me. I'm used to imperfections but I wanted this to be perfect. Thanks Heathie x

I'm now off to do a cook up of some baby food to freeze for the week, listen to more music, hang out on the floor with Mitch, maybe tidy up a bit and play on the computer, and before I know it, it will be school pic up time... all sounds good to me.

Turn the tv off in the background and put some music on x

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  1. What a gorgeous little bag youve made - and what a top idea to embroider your little one's drawing. Hope you dont mind but I am gonna definitely use that idea for my littlee.

    I totally get what you are saying about music - I went through a really tough time in my life a few years back and I sort of had to give up music whilst I mended - the music whipped up such emotions in me that I just couldnt listen, I would become too sad. The music is back now I am pleased to say.

    Your blog is as sweet as honey.

    Amanda xx