Monday, February 7, 2011

a lesson..

Today with only 1 child on my hip, I took my sister-in-law fabric shopping, then back to my place for a solid 8 hour sewing session!

We spent about an hour at a great fabric shop that has amazing dress fabrics (Pitt Trading in Ramsgate, NSW) as we were determined to make her a new dress!! My sister-in-law bought some nice stretch material to make the Coastal Breeze dress by Make it Perfect. I have made a few of these and they are great! I bought some great light weight material that was half price for some more Kaftan's.

This was her first time on a sewing machine and here she is sewing away.... We were ABSOLUTELY determined to get the dress finished before she left. Some sewing, some wine, some dinner, some more sewing...

And Hello! Here she is in her very own hand made dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm just loving the neck line. Looks kind of 1950's. Just Beautiful x

cheers! Yay you x
We high five'd each other and she was very pleased with herself, as she did everything! And just to remind you, this was her first time sewing!!

This sewing thing is contagous...

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  1. That dress is gorgeous Beth. Im so jealous!! Yes Sarah this sewing thing is very contagious!! Cant wait till my turn :)