Saturday, February 12, 2011

my own little designs..

I have been walking past this stretch knit material for a while now at my local Peg's fabric shop, but I didn't have a pattern for anything stretch knit for the girls?? I have tried to find some basic patterns, like leggings/tights and simple little dresses for this fabric but I just couldn't part with $25-$30 for a pattern for something so basic. So, I made my own!! Wooo hooo for me. While big sister was at school, Bon and I had a ball doing this little photo shoot in their favorite climbing tree. This fabric is by Patty Young at about $26 per metre and I bought 60cm ish of each and I reckon you could get 2 x tights out of a 60cm piece, so that is actually ok price wise for $8 each for a pair of hand made tights. I actually popped into Peg's today for some different designs of this stretch knit and was told to allow approx 30% SHRINKAGE, so make sure I wash before making! Yikes.. I did't for this lot, but I guess I wont make that mistake again! My measurements might be a bit off too! I might also just not ever wash this out fit! Only tricking, I'll wash it and watch it shrink. Might fit a 1 year old instead of a 3 year old.. ha ha oh well. So here is my little pattern designs.

top/dress & tights

little dress

close up
chilling out after her big photo shoot!
I also had some left over kind of stretchy fabric from a dress I made the girls months ago, so I thought I would keep practicing on my pattern until it is perfect! Bon and Lace LOVE these cause they pretend they are playing dress ups and putting on some lady stockings. They do look like stockings and are a bit see through, so I guess they are stockings?!? So I guess I can make stockings too now!

And finally, last night we took the kids to Bondi Beach for a swim and a picnic dinner. Here is Lace wearing her little dress that I made in the same stretch fabric that I had left over from a dress I made myself. Oh and look, the kids are stitting on their little Scrappy Mat I made them, oh and Mitch has his little t-shirt on that I made him... ahhhh soo fun for me to see!

It's always nice to hear from who ever is checking out my blog, so please feel free to leave me a comment below on what you think of my little basic designs :) Tips are welcome too!!

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  1. I am loving all the kids clothes Sarah. You are doing so well and just keep getting better and better. Keep up the great work!! Love Bons stockings, they are so cute :)