Saturday, February 5, 2011

tea bag fun..

A bit of fun with the kids today. Way too hot to go outside!

Supplies (already in your cupboards)
  • tea bags
  • cardboard
  • scissors
  • sticky tape
  • colouring in stuff, felt or material or what ever you can think of
How To Make
  • take original cardboard tag off
  • cut and create
  • stick down the cord on the back of your creation (make sure you stick it so the little cardboard cut out is hanging out over the cup the right way)
Gift Ideas
  • secretly make a love heart one for your partner for when they go to make a cuppa
  • make little house ones if you are visiting a friend that might have just moved house and have a cuppa
  • a miss you one, and post it to someone you miss
  • a happy face one for someone who might need a little pick me up
  • do a whole box of tea bags as a cool present
  • valentines day
  • and so on and so on...
We made a few  to give to the kids grandparents to thank them for looking after them tonight, while my husband and I go out on a hot date!

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