Sunday, February 6, 2011

valentine heart pins

Thank god the heat wave it over! Way too hot for us. We got all the mattresses out of the rooms last night and bunkered down in the lounge room under the air conditioner! Due to the heatwave it gave us loads of indoor time over the weekend, so that meant crafty stuff and some time searching for some ideas to make and share.

A beautiful friend who lives in Yorkshire England, you know who you are, wanted some ideas for Valentines day. So I went a searching for something to share and try myself.

I found this link for Felt Valentine Heart Pins. I made a few myself for the girls to give out on Valentines day to their little friends. They have little safety pins sewn into the backs so you can pin them on. I think they are very cute :)

This tutorial and many more have been updated in my Tutorial page. So check it out and start making!! You don't need a sewing machine to make these.. Felt, needle, thread, stuffing & safety pin. That's it!

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