Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cooking, Kids & Sewing!!

The kiddies had a play next door yesterday morning so I got a cook'n! Chicken & Mushroom Risotto and some veggie mince to blend up for my baby boy. Heath fixed the oven today so I whipped up some of our favorite Bran & Date muffins for afternoon tea.. Mmmmmmmm.
chicken & mushroom risotto

mince with loads of hidden veg

mmmmmm... bran & date muffins!

After helping the neighbours move some wood around to the back of their place, the girls refused to have a shower, as they were covered in sand, so I hosed them down in the back yard!! It was hilarious!! In the end they were rudey nudies running around the yard while Mitch and I chased them. So fun. They also got some soap and had a wash too.. Once all dry and clean we had to eat our dinner on the front step and pretend we were at school eating our lunch in the play ground. And yes, Lacie was dressed in full school uniform, again!! Cubbyhouses was next on the agenda (Heath was out for most of the day and night, so it was just me and the kids). That entertained them for a while, then it was playing shops...

playing shops, cubbyhouse over to the right.
a cushion cover i had made in between them

Finally the kids were passed out on the lounge and mummies time began. I had picked up some cheap stretch knit from Lincraft the other day. It was 50% off and worked out to be $4.50 a metre! So I made this!

This is my 2nd attempt from Make It Perfects Coastal Breeze dress pattern. I made this one 2 sizes smaller that my 1st one so it didn't fall off my shoulders and the band was tight enough to not slip down. I had to laugh at myself late last night... I went to try on the top half of the dress to see how the size was going, and couldn't put my arms through the arm holes???? I had sewn them together!! Ha ha funny me... no patients is my problem. Anyway, I finished the binding on the neck this morning and I like my new dress..

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