Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pa's Nightie

Just a story I wanted to share..
I've just realised that I am talking a lot about my Mumma, but I still have soo much to say. Maybe this is the way I am grieving?? The whole experience is still new to me... I'm totally ok, but just realised I have talked about Mumma and Pa a lot.. Anyways.. Back on Mumma.. All the grandsons and Pa all wore nighties (man night shirts) that Mumma would make, as far back as I can remember. They were known to us as "Pa's nighties". Not too many traditions in our family, but this was one of them. Along with the scissors that Mumma gave me, she also gave me her original Pa's Nightie pattern. When she passed away, all I wanted to do was open up the pattern and look at her hand written notes and make one for the men of the family for Xmas as Mumma's last gift to them. I cried and cried the whole time I made them. I only made 2. One for Pa and one for my older brother Matthew who was very close to Mumma (as we all were).

On Xmas day Pa just happened to have talked to me about his old nighties... nearly 60 years old he told me. So I was very excited for him to open my present to him, along with a beautiful framed photo of him and Mumma back in February (their last dressed up night out).. Oh my.. sooo sad. Ok, anyways.. He loved it, and here he is doing a fashion show in his new nightie. Isn't he the cutest!!! Very basic, but stacks of family love sewn in. My brother Matthew got a burgundy coloured one, and he was very overwhelmed. His reaction was special to me. He loved Mumma so much.

I'm going to stop typing now cause I'm tired and emotional and I will blab on and on... good night.

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