Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kaftan Top - Make It Perfect Pattern

Just thought that I would go through some little steps on how I made this Shearwater Kaftan Top by Make It Perfect today. I had picked up some cheap fabric from Spot Light the other day for $5!! It's light weight and colourful. Perfect for testing out the new pattern I bought.
  • First thing is to have a look at the measurements on the back of the pattern and figure out what size you are
  • Then you can pick up some material on your travels knowing exactly how much you need (this pattern is less than 2 metres)
  • Get a roll of grease proof / tracing paper from your grocery store (about $2) and trace all patterns pieces in your size
  • Make sure you write the name of pattern and size and most importantly all notes from the actual pattern piece onto your tracing paper - see below

clear a nice big space for this

all pieces cut out and ready for the next step

  • Make sure you now READ your instructions, it's just like a recipe
  • Plan out where you will lay your pattern pieces onto the material to maximise your material (I have started cutting before checking this and have ended up waisting material and got very cranky)
  • PIN PIN PIN & CUT CUT CUT! Pin you pattern pieces down so you can start cutting, or you can trace pattern piece with chalk then remove pattern piece and cut it out (I always seem to cut around pattern pieces as I'm always dying to finish it..) Make sure you transfer all points / dots if patterns refers to them, as you will need them later when the sewing begins

pins on hand and the cutting begins
make sure you have some seriously sharp scissors

all pieces cut out and ready to go sew

  •  OK, so now you start sewing!! Wooo hoooo, but make sure you read and re-read the instructions - this particular pattern would be for a beginner and very easy to make

today I learnt that this is called a "placket"
you have all seen this before on the front and back of tops

this is what it looks like from the inside

  • Once you have ticked off every step i the instructions, Tadaaa.. a top

sleeve down

sleeve up with button

bit of both, sleeve up & down
Shearwater Kaftan Top

To wrap up... This was fun & easy to make. Great over a pair of cozies (Aussie slang for swimming costumes).I would definitely make this again with some nicer material. I think I might even add some length to the top and make it into a dress or shorten it to make it into a shorter top. I like it also cause it kind of hides the mummy tummy. Yep, it gets my approval!

handy tip - to have a bag of buttons in your craft cupboard
cost me about $12 from Spot Light and has come in handy on many occasion's

If my post has been helpful to you in any way, please leave me a comment as it will give me a little motivation to do more like this, if it helps of course!!


  1. Great post Sarah and bargin fabric!

    I used to use baking paper as well for my patterns, but now anything I plan on re-making I am using super-cheap sew in interfacing. I think Peg's sells it for $1.50 a metre and it's great because it won't tear like I found the paper would if I used a pattern a couple of times.

  2. Sarah are you serious with that kaftan!!! it's gorgeous!!!! I forgot to say I love the labels too. Make, make, make, I can't get enough!!