Friday, January 21, 2011

Hand Made Presents

You know when you always drive past somewhere and think to yourself "I'm going to stop by that place one day", well I am on a mission to actually stop and check out everything and everything I have ever been curious about. Hence the latest "I'm going to stop by that place one day" thingie.... Ibrahim Pastry Shop of fine Lebanese sweets. It just so happens to be on the way to Spot Light, so I have said to myself "I'm going to stop by that place one day" quite a few times. And so I did. I'm a big Lebanese food fan. And who doesn't love baklava? We were having some guests over for dinner so an even more better reason to stop by and buy some sweets. Ibrahim Pastry Shop... Tick.

412 Princes Hwy, Rockdale NSW
So, now to me and making stuff. I am really trying to do the whole hand made present / gift thing this year. Today I am seeing my dad, his Louise who is the girls Grammy and she is my inspiration. And her beautiful daughter Rina. They live interstate. My dad, Louise and Rina have an amazing story that I will share with you next week. Crazy town AMAZING!!! Anyways.. We haven't seen them for Xmas yet so its present time! And what to make for my dad who is a unique artist himself hmmmmmm? (I will dedicate a blog post to his art soon.) I know he loves my Caramel Slice so I made a whole batch for him for this weekend. Best part is he will have no choice but to share with all of us! Can't wait for afternoon tea today..

My Recipe here

Oh my god... stop it. Way tooo delish.

The next hand made present for my dad is his own design from when he was up last.... A stuffed bow tie. Cool huh? The only thing is, I just that second realised when I looked at the photos below this one, that I made his bow tie the wrong way... Ooops sorry dad. He will know too! It should have pointy ends. Ahh never mind. Oh! And how cute is this... When dad was up last time and we made a few of these bow ties, when he went home he actually went to a fabric shop and bought some fabric and sent it to me!! He's a legend! So this is where I got this light blue fabric from.

the cool dudes and their stuffed bow ties 

Ok, next is Rina. We made her a stuffed felt owl the other day, so she is getting one of those and also this little bag that I had made months ago. It was lucky that I had a little stash of things I had made cause I was running out of time. It fits lunch stuff or just bits and pieces.

Lacie has been felt MAD since we started the other day. She of course had to made Rina a present too. She pinned the heart pattern on the felt herself, then she cut it out, then hand stitched it all by herself!!! I helped wizz around the edges on the sewing machine. She then stuffed it herself. We love it. This is about the 5th heart she has made in 24 hours. Hmmmmm I wonder where she gets that from?

Last, but definitely not least... A bag for Louise. I have made about 50 million of these bags and in the end hated making them. But I hadn't made one for a few months so this was really fun to make. I had all the material needed in my cupboard. Plus, I still use my bag every day and love it! So this is for Louise. Hand made presents done!

I was wondering what I would end up making for everyone... Huh, and this was it.

I'll be hanging out with my dad over the next few days so I might be light on the blog posts.

What have you always driven past and thought "I'm going to stop by that place one day"? Maybe just stop and check it out. 


  1. Have an awesome break!!!! So what kind of library bag is Lacie going to have when she starts school???? Next weeks project ;)

  2. Just had a satisfactory read of all of your new posts I needed to catch up on!!! Have loved every one of them!!! xxx