Saturday, January 29, 2011

"the list"

My brain is going to explode! It is absolutely overloaded with stuff I want to make and ideas I want to try. I have been up to the wee hours of the mornings lately just trying to get through "the list" in my brain. There is something about a list. It's 100% mine and it is 100% up to me to complete. I love a list. I wrote down my list of things to do the other day and showed my Mother-in-law, and she had a little giggle that I wrote down vacuum, wash up etc... amongst other things of cause, like take Mitch to the doctors, get refund on trundle bed, get brake lights fixed etc... But I need a list. Getting through "the list" is like my own personal achievement for the day. My own pat on the back kind of thing. Just like when I make stuff, it's a personal satisfaction that I get from just me. It's getting a bit overwhelming at the moment with my make stuff list. It's growing and growing and growing and I can't stop it.

Anyways, the other day I make a patchwork library bag for Lacies little friend. Well she loved it. Yay!

Now, my latest crafty craze (well the last 24hr craze that is) is stuff for BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!! Where is all the stuff to make for boys???? Well, we have a little boys party tomorrow that I have already make the super quick library bag for, but I also have a great little Peek-a-Boo pouch that is just about finished too. Will show you tomorrow. It's been nice checking out boys material! So keeping with my little boy theme, my little Mitchie needed something just for him. So, I got a few of his plain coloured t-shirts and made these..... (this idea came to me at 11.45pm last night, and I just had to make 3 of them, hence my very late night - cause that's when babies sleep!!)


I am soooooooooooooo happy with them!!!! Just LOVE them. I have already been out today to buys some more to make! Yes of course my Mitchie was wearing one of his new tops!!.. Totally GROOVY I reckon! I will be selling these soon cause I reckon really little boys (from newborn to 1yrs) miss out a bit with groovy fun hand made stuff to wear. Let me know if you are interested in buying any. Leave me a comment on this post or email me at

OK, so another tick off my "list", is hand made lables by me! Can you see them on the bottom right hand side of the t-shirts????? It really makes them look like a "for real" label!! Ha ha, but it's just little old me! So, the name freddles comes from a teddy bear that I still to this day sleep with. I love him and I am not embarrassed to say so! I'm a bit proud of myself actually, these labels look exactly how I planned. So you will now start seeing these labels on my creations from now on. All I did was check out if my printer would print direct on to fabric????? Well, it did! I ironed on some light weight interfacing and fed it straight through. Then used my Mumma's old fashioned pinking shears for the edge. Easy peezy!!! A close up for you below..

I'm totally into these!

Moving right along.... The girls have loads of tights and they are now starting to get very marked and warn at the knees, some have paint on them etc etc... So don't bin them. Cut them! I didn't even sew a hem or anything. Hey, let them cut them themselves! Maybe??

As promised to my kiddie-winks, pancakes was on the menu for this morning. Prepared by Miss Bonnie Doon we tried a new thicker fluffy recipe. The verdict was that our thin crape pancakes are way better.

check out my GIANT pancake flipper! an awesome present from my dad!!

Lucky that Bon checked the hen house this morning as we had loads of eggs. We also had a surprise visit from the kids Uncle Shoo Shoo and Aunt Beth. I had no bread or cold meat for lunch, so thanks again to the chooks we had enough eggs for a fritata.

lunch today
I still have soo much to say, but I think it is time for some sleeeeep. We just had a beautiful dinner with our friends at our place and woooo hoooo my home made dessert was a hit! Hot Chocolate Baklava with Vanilla Cream. One from the current Donna Hay mag.

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