Monday, January 24, 2011

Mountain Getaway

Even though I didn't personally make anything this weekend, I was totally consumed by creativity. The setting was perfect. My little family, my dad, his Louise and her gorgeous daughter. We stayed at a very secluded cottage in the Blue Mountains called Bunjaree Cottages. We were surrounded by silence. Haven't heard that for a while!

it even had it's own "kids cottage"
The first thing the girls did was run around the cottage and pick wild flowers. We found this beautiful cup that was perfect for a vase. Lacie was so beautiful and said that these flowers were for Mummy's Mumma. How can a child at 4 years old understand the meaning of longing for a memory. For me? My next question is how can a 4 year old then turn into a monster? The confusing love for a child is amazingly unconditional.

thanks lace x

With out fail, my eccentric daddy-o creates something that means something....?... to him. It is normally a game for me and Heath to have to try and figure out. The below picture of my adorable son Mitchie-bite is holding one of the presents that dad gave to Heath. He's dressed in a traditional Indian outfit from his Indian cousin. Too cute. Anyways, Hmmmmm?? what is it? Well, surprise surprise, Heathie babes (after thinking about it for a few hours, as that's always part of dads plan) came up with the right answer!! The present (below) was actually for Heath, so that was a major clue to start with... First of all Heath said it was a beer coaster. Yes. Shaped in a football. Yes. The carved out lines in the wood are the Aussie Rules Football goal posts. Yes. Ha ha... He got it! We all cheered. That was a first. He also had drawn some shoe laces on both sides of the goal posts for Lacie. He had to explain that one. He also had a woollen knitted tie made for Heath.

arms up Mitchie

 We ate and we drank. The kids also got into the swing of things. We went into Leura for a wonder and the girls wanted an ice-cream. Bon had to try Coconut just to be different. So that's what she got and she loved it. I'm so proud of my girls eating a range of different foods. Bon is our perfect example. With a ham sandwich, she requests picked onions and olives on the side etc...  
Instead of milkshakes in Blackheath the girls wanted
apple & carrot juice and tried Pop Pop's home made ginger beer

some yummo homemade pizza that bon helped roll

bird watching at the back door
a hammock at the back door
an aussie tradition of eating watermelon in the summer

All due to hanging out with some seriously creative people, one of them just happens to be my dad, I have loads on the brain so be on the look out for some new posts.

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