Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Felt Fun..

Due to my obsessive compulsive, need it now, impatience, can I make that? kind of thing... I have been "felt" mad for the past 24 hours. All because of the little felt owls I made the other night. So it was a major craft morning with the kids at my place. I have been LOVING my girls little drawings of people lately, and wanted to somehow bring them to life.... Well, hello... Felt it baby!

So... I got the kids to do a drawing of a person on some paper
They then cut them out in pieces
They picked their coloured felt
Picked their scrap bits of fabric
and we got cracking on bringing their imagination to life..

To be honest I was soooooo looking forward to doing this for my girls, cause I fall inlove with their little people they draw. Especially Bon's little people that have no arms and no bodies.. Oh my god, so god dam cute. Well, most of the time. In between her tantrums! For all my readers on the other side of the world, you know what I am talking about! She's loud isn't she!!!!

sorting through the scraps

Introducing Bonnie Bear.. her drawing brought to life

Introducing Lacie Lou.. her drawing brought to life

sisters imagination together x

our friend Jesso's (6yrs) little girl is brought to life..
she is going to use this as a bag tag for school
she did all the hand stitching herself!!

Blakes little guy and Jesso's girl

Lacie stuffing her house

kids wanted to do MORE drawings that came to life
this is Lacies house

Moving on... Had a phone call this afternoon that we are going to Heaths cousins house for her 16th birthday.. Hmmmm what to make. I have decided that 2011 will be all hand made gifts. Whether it is hand made by me or hand made by someone else. So I had some left over material from the Pram Blanket I made a few weeks ago and this bow thingie that I thought was a bit more now'ish for a 16 year old? Anyways... it's a lined zip pouch bag 26cm x 22cm so can fit "stuff" in it.. I love sitting and wondering what to make, then voila! Something appears straight from my cupboard with out me leaving the house.

By Friday morning I need to have made 2 more presents. Hmmmm I wonder what it will be?

Bring something to life & fall inlove x

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  1. LOVE, LOVE ,LOVE THEM! Gosh we are sooo alike, only you have all the inspiration I am lacking right now!! I too am a I want, I need, I MUST HAVE IT NOW!! Im def going to do some of these with the children I teach art to at school, thely ll love them, I could even raise a bit of money for school, by bringing their ideas to life! Parents could buy them! how could they resist! Oh and with my kiddiewinkles too, Ill give a go at the weekend. You're ace - when are you bringing your book out???!!! Keep them coming! xx