Sunday, January 16, 2011

Last Day of Holidays

Today is the last day of our holidays together before Heath goes back to work. We had one thing left on our "to do" list. We always drive past this little antique shop and say we should pop in there one day. Today we did. And it's not little, it was huge inside. It's called Southern Antique Centre, 243 Princes Hwy, Kogarah NSW. The first thing we saw was this little guy. It just so happens that my beautiful Mumma had one of these and all of the grandkids would always love putting money in his hand and watch him swallow it. I reckon Mumma is sending me little signs to let me know she is watching me. Ahhh.. nice. 

Antiques shops money box man

my Mumma's original money box man that
my kids played with at xmas time
he just brings back sooo many beautiful memories

After the antique shop we stopped in at Carrs Park for a play, paddle pop and a paddle.

we weren't prepared for a swim, but that's what
makes it even more fun..

bon was busting, so her undies were off
we told her to wee in the water and no one will see...
she didn't think to squat, she stood instead!

our Mitchies turn to cool off
with his first ice block xx

I was checking out a friends blog this afternoon and found that she had made these cute little owls. I also had the recipe (pattern) from an old Notebook mag. I just had to make a few tonight cause they were just too cute. FREE PATTERN to download here. Patterns says to hand stitch all parts together, but due to my "need it now" problem, I machine sewed the whole thing. Hand stitching does look nice, but I am quite happy with my little fellas.

FREE Pattern

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