Monday, January 10, 2011

Overalls For Mitchie :(

My granny squares are coming along.. at a very slow pace! I am doing 1 or 2 every day in between everything else. So by my calculations it will be finished in a few months... Oh well, I'm sure I will really appreciate and love it when its finished.

We took the kids into the City yesterday (1 more granny square later in the car) and met up with Heaths family for Yum Cha in China Town. We have been to the Nine Dragons Restaurant a few times now and the girls eat just about everything!! There is an out door area, but it is much nicer up the stairs. I'd recommend it if you were in town 39-45 Dixon St Sydney 2000, ph: 02 9211 3549. Directly across the restaurant are a few little fun Asian shops, and Lacie and I bought me some bright red stockings! After lunch we went for a walk through Darling Harbour to get an Ice Cream and walked past the water fountains on the way... It was hot and I thought why not!!

Cooling off
After a long day in town it was home again. The 3 kids in bed asleep by 8.30pm, so it was 100% mummy time. I have a few projects that had yet to be finished so I thought I'd get some done so I can get cracking on my next project. I really do like to finish something I start before I get on to the next thing. Also another one of my favorite things to do is to make something from my left overs (scraps). So last night, after unpicking a few times, I finally finished Mitchies overalls from a Make It Perfect pattern that I had started a few months ago that I had put aside because the size 0 for this pattern was HUGE. Don't laugh!! It reminds me of Leggo for some reason?? Heath said there is no way in the world Mitch will be wearing these!! I actually agree with him :( Due to my love of left overs and using what I have in the cupboard, these overalls are a bit funny. The pattern itself was ok. Not too many picture instructions and I had to read and re-read quite a few times. When Mitch is a bit bigger I might give it another go with some nicer material.

Sorry Mitchie! I will try harder next time x
 This is where I got the left over material from for the overalls. I made this Mr Moosie for Mitchie a few months ago and I guess I tried to kind of match them with the scraps. By the way, we LOVE Mr Moosie! His pattern is from the Kaleidoscope book that I have.

Mr Moosie with Mr Mitchie laying on my 1st quilt that I made
So this is just proof that sometimes things you make don't always turn out how you hoped!

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