Sunday, January 30, 2011

I can't think of a title?

I had to finish off our little present for Will this morning. He is 6. Along with the super easy library bag I made, I made this peek-a-boo toy sack. I found the tutorial here. I plan on making about 4 of these bags for Mitchies room and hang them on some little hooks. Fabric bought from Peg's Pieces.

Before the party Bonnie painted every ones nails. Heaths too! Hmmmmm, will he remember before going to work tomorrow??

This is Mitchie at the party today wearing his new t-shirt I made him. It was a scorcher of a day today, so lucky it was a pool party and the kids swam all afternoon. And for some strange reason I nearly fell asleep on the floor laying face down on their bean bag .... hmmmm, I wonder if that had anything to do with my recent late, very late nights?? The sewing machine might have the night off tonight. But I can't wait for tomorrow for Mitch to wear another t-shirt I have made.

my mitchie xx

And I just couldn't help myself in showing you the delicious dessert I made for our good friends last night. Hot Chocolate Baklava with Vanilla Cream.... recipe by George Calombaris in the FEB/MAR Issue of Donna Hay magazine.Totally scrummo!

To all the mums and dads that have their babies starting school tomorrow for the first time, big hugs and smooches to ya all!! Lace has her little meeting with her teacher tomorrow, so the uniform is hanging on the door, shoes are shinny... NOT, due to her wearing them everyday for the past 3 weeks, we have matching white socks which is very rare in our house, the giant school backpack is basically empty as only has her hat which I am sure she will wear as soon as she wakes, and her green monkey bar knickers are ready too.
I pictured having warm cuddles and telling Lacie stories of what she was like as a baby and how big she is now to be going to school, and how wonderful it will be to have her very own teacher etc etc.... Well that sure as hell didn't happen. She decided that she HAD to cut out a felt tie for herself and sew it on a dress up shirt right on bedtime! Clearly telling her "no I don't think so" didn't go down too well, so it was straight to bed with no story and no cuddles. I think I was more upset. But as cleaver as BOTH my angels are they came up with a plan between them both that they were too hot and needed a cool shower! So yes, we all hopped into the shower and another half and hour passed by... BED TIME PLEASE!!!!! Cheeky things.

Until the next time we meet x

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  1. Look at little Mitchy in his cute T!!! I love it! Girl do you every stop!!!!! Loving your lessons too hon, they're amazing!!!! Have just received some new fabric today and am making cushion covers this weekend when I finally get my machine woot!!!!! xxx