Wednesday, January 5, 2011

make a little lamb and eat it

I was going through some draws in the kitchen yesterday and found the cutest cookie cutter that my dad gave me years ago. It had waited so patiently  to be used... So of course I fell in love with this little lamb cutter and just wanted to eat it! So the girls and I whipped up some cookie dough and made some new lambie friends then ate them all... mmmmm... bahhh.

So I challenge you to make some cute cookies and eat them. It made me so happy... and the kids as well!

I had a friend come over yesterday to have a sewing lesson!! I was very excited. She brought over some material that she had already picked out, and we (she) made a gorgeous flannelet pram blanket and a matching soft toy for a friend that is expecting a baby..It ended up being a little late at night, so the photo isn't all that bright, but I wanted to show it off for her! Looks great Jos x

On a separate note..... Kids went fishing today. Both very excited to have caught sea weed! Ahhh the simple things.

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